How to download MP4 anime

It seems that there is anime for users of all ages, most people are drawn to it by a magnet. If you are anime fanatic, you may be fond of watching these episodes such as Naruto, Rave Master, One Piece, Death Note and Detective Conan etc, but it could be costly to buy all DVDs for watching these animated cartoons. In order to cut back on your spending, the best way, however, is to download mp4 anime video from the internet onto your local discs.

We all know that most anime sites only provide video streaming and do not let people download any document, so it is a must to search for a software program to schedule download tasks. In this post, the easiest way to tell is using Video Download Capture.

Video download procedures

A viable solution to download mp4 anime

Video Download Capture is a formidable downloading program that endows you with the ability to download and convert free episodes, TV shows and anime as you want. Given that you intend to proceed mp4 anime download, there are two basic procedures, one for downloading and the other for converting.

Please download it firstly:
Download clean

Procedure I: Free download anime video

After launching the program, three available means can handle with mp4 anime download tasks, which are URL-grab mode, streaming video recorder and screen recorder. Just adopt corresponding method to download anime depending on the type of the site.

Say in a specific way:

1. Generally speaking, download anime by entering its URL into address bar.

2. Another easy way is using its detect streaming media. Just activate Video Recorder to detect and download media files that are being played.

Adcanced hulu recorder

Tips: Advanced Video Recorder could be of great help for RTMP/RTMPE protocol websites, click it to add the video link into specified browser. Typically, if hulu has your desired anime videos, you just need to save hulu videos like this.

3. Some protected or live streaming video websites also contain anime content, if the above two methods do not work well to download mp4 anime, you can attempt to record videos by using screen capture tool. 100% video sites can be recorded.

Procedure II: Convert free anime to MP4 for digital players

As most video websites are currently streamed as FLV format, the remaining step on how to download mp4 anime is simply converting files to MP4. Just add the downloaded anime video for converting and select “MP4″ as your output format. You see, Video Download Capture is also a good assistant to deal with video format conversion. MP4 anime video will be saved on your favorite gadgets. Just download videos to the new iPad, PSP, Android products, Apple devices and Sony players etc.

converting procedure

Where to download mp4 anime video

Free download mp4 anime with the above tutorial. Then the next issue concerns you is the availability of free anime resources on the internet. In other words, you just need some websites that allow you to watch anime for free. Any great ideas to access a large selection of anime shows? Okay, here handpicks some best anime sites for you, just enjoy fast streaming and downloading from these free sources:,,,,, etc.

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