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It really works! More than just watching live and interactive broadcasting on, the newly improved video download tool Video Download Capture enables you to recap all missed live shows online from Ustream. Can’t believe it? Why not try it now by yourself.

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We know, consists of network of diverse channels providing a platform for lifecasting and live video streaming of events online, most of which are really exclusive video streams online. And the best thing here is, Ustream will record all of those live streaming video to review later. This online video download tool for, a.k.a. Video Download Capture, can detect and automatically download all of those live streaming or video highlights when you browse them online.

Download, Record and Convert Ustream TV Videos

This Ustream video download tool is the easy way to capture anything you can watch on Once you open the live streaming video page on Ustream TV, the downloader will automatically find the original videos on ustream, and add it to the download queue of the ustream video download manager. All the steps are simple to start over in only seconds.

How to Download Videos from
1. Install and launch Video Download Capture, then turn on built-in recorder;
2. Open the video page on Ustream TV from your Internet browser.

See that? the video you selected has been downloading in the download manager automatically, and now you can add more ustream video download tasks here as you want.
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How to Convert Ustream TV Video
If you’re looking for the solution from video download to video conversion together, Video Download Capture must be the Mr. Right for you. Check out this all-in-one video tool collection, and you’ll find that it’s so easy to capture, record, download and convert any videos from and other Websites quickly.

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More information such as history, paid service and methods of Ustream, go to Wikipedia: Ustream.

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If a video in can’t play when browsing, can I download it to my laptop by Video Download Capture? Please, help!

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